About My Abode Real Estate

My abode real estate, we aim to change the attitude towards real estate and real estate agents by providing our comprehensive services with excellent product knowledge & great communication.

With direct contact with your property investment manager, supervised repairs and an in depth investigations we go above and beyond the low standards you have been accustomed to.

Good old fashion customer service & direct updates show that our proactive approach will have you in control of what’s happening. With our company having over 20 years of experience in the industry and with the my abode team ensures that your investment is being managed in the most efficient, precise and cost effective way possible - your peace of mind is at ease knowing all the while we are maximising your returns. 

We have stayed ahead of my competitors by keeping the focus on serving all clients well and delivering results.  At the heart of my offering is the exceptional service you’ll experience firsthand throughout the process of renting or selling your property as we‘ll give quality advice and help you make the right decisions.

No doubt that is why, year after year, our continued success is firmly based on positive word of mouth recommendations to both family and friends, and people who purchase, lease, sell and rent through us generally go on to engage us again when it’s time with their own property. To excel in an industry where reputation is everything, you need to be able to guarantee customer satisfaction.

That’s what My Abode is built on.